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    I did a search on adding broodboxes and came up with a couple of replies to the effect that beekeepers down here should go with one brood box instead of two. The bee books and one video I have were all done by northern beekeepers. I'm wondering if I should take off the second deeps I put on and go ahead ahead and add medium supers with foundation. Are there any southern beekeepers here that use one deep brood box and could they tell me the reasons? I have two new hives with foundation in the lower boxes completely drawn but not all full of pollen,nectar, brood, etc at this time. I added two deeps with foundation two weeks ago and as of Saturday they had not done anything in it. We have a nectar flow going at this time. Thanks

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    Gal: you live futher south than me(ala), but I've used both & I would use the double,The single's just don't build up good enough in the spring to produce honey like the doubles,also I've noticed I have problem's with wax moth in the singles.& hardly ever with the doubles.(more bees).I have also lost a lot more single's in the winter with them over the years.You said you added 2 deep's with foundation.I'm guessing that's 1 on each hive?If they are not working it you could bait it with a frame from the lower box to pull them up,also litely spray alittle suger water on the foundation also help's,But most of the time they will start working it when they need it. mark


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