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    I would like to move bee hives to behind my barn. They will be out from under the tall pines, and will be closer to my future honey house, my hobby shop. My only concern is, where i need to put them, to keep them out of the way of our guests. They would have to be on the North East side, and we're on top of a hill. I'm wondering about protection from the blue northers. I'm 55 years old, and have seen it only once here, in my lifetime get into the single didgits. In a coulpe of days, it is always back up into the 40-50 degrees. I could always put up a wind block. What do you think?

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    Lol. You're in Texas. I've had bees in Laramie WY and Mitchel NE. I've seen it 60 degrees that afternoon and -20 that night. It think you worry too much. Put them where it works for you.


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