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    I have a hive that is 3 years old, from day one this has been my strongest, most productive hive but they are also a little more aggressive. I have not re-queened this hive. Do you think I should or just keep watching her for siqns of falure? I just hate to spoil this hive but also know what everyone says about requeening!

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    The older the queen gets the more likely they will swarm and the meaner they will get and eventually she will fail. You can let them supercede her when they are tired of her, or you can set her aside in a nuc and let them raise a new queen. Just before the honey flow (a week or two before) is a good time to do this as it will actually free up more foragers for the flow because there won't be any open brood to care for during the first part of the flow.


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