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    While I was inspecting one of my hives yesterday, a 1/2 section of a deep frame fell out. For visualization, I have two deeps, inspectiong from the back, brood is running through both deeps on the right hand side.

    I pulled the 1/2 out, put an empty shallow on top of the hive and placed it at an angle on top of the brood pattern.

    I just checked the hive and the 1/2 section is COMPLETELY covered with bees and they are all over inside top of the cover. Not one iota of the comb is visible. Do you think everything is ok, or should I just brush all the bees off and remove the brood section? I hadn't read anything about bees moving brood (like ants might) but this was my hope as there was a substantial number of small brood in those cells.



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    I usually tie it into an empty frame when something like that happens. Luckily it doesn't happen often.

    Don't let things go one too long, no telling what they will decide to build around that chunk of comb.


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