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    when inspecting my hive i have taken the time to try and remove the comb built betwwen the frames... this seems to agitate the bees and i am also afraid of hurting the queen. Plus, when the second hive body on i proably won't see this even happening.. should i just let them do this? thanks

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    I would clean the burr comb that accumulates on top and on the bottom on the frames when you do in inspection. Does that mean that if you are putting on a super, for example, that you need to pull all the boxes off to remove the comb? No. When you are doing a routine inspection and need to go into certain deeps than yes, I would clean them off. It saves time on the long run. I am a believer that a well cleaned hive will save you time but some people will disagree and that is ok.

    I like a clean hive personally!
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    I'd remove any combs in between frames. Just move slowly and makes sure you don't throw the queen out with it. [img]smile.gif[/img] It shouldn't be a problem upsetting the bees much. Of course some will end up in the air because you took their comb, but bees in the air and angry bees are entirely different things. I tend to leave burr on the bottoms of the frames, but you don't want combs between the frames.
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