My bees are clustering on the outside of the entrance, sometimes hanging from the bottom board and extending up the front of the bottom brood box. I have a screen bottom and a tray feeder on top and I keep the top cover propped open to allow for ventilation. The second brood box is nearly drawn out with some brood in it and I have added a third one in the hopes of increasing the size of the colony for a spring split. I am feeding about a quart every other day.

Is this normal for what seems to be, a large number of bees to cluster at the entrance and up the side of the bottom hive box? After placing the third brood box, the number of bees clustering has decreased but still a significant number. I keep a water supply nearby and only get a late afternoon sun on the hive. Should I drill a top entrance in the top brood box?

Also notice bees of different size at the entrance, some of the larger ones ( they don't appear to be drones) are comming and going as though foraging. Am I just seeing bees of different ages, or is this robbing? Lots of activity at the entrance, bees comming and going. I inspected the other day and things look good, no queen cells, lots of honey stores, some pollen stores and capped brood.

Is what I am seeing normal? Thanks for staying with this post, and for any help and comments.