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Thread: queen be gone

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    I put in my package in three week ago and inspected last week and noticed little (40-50 capped) brood and could not find queen.

    looked today and no different. I guess I need a queen quick?

    Where would you try to get one? Is it to late?
    Population seems to be ok.


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    Before you try a new queen make sure that the old one is really gone. Pull frames and check each one for new eggs or larve. Look close as eggs are really small. If she is really gone here are some queen suplliers I know of. I personally us Rossman Apiaries but all are good.
    Rossman 1-800-333-7677 or 912-985-7200
    Hardman 912-583-4789
    Jerry Shumans 912-367-2243
    Wilbanks 912-739-4820
    McCary 601-648-2747
    Russel 601-866-4300
    Harrell & Sons 334-548-2313

    P.S. The Rossmans are third generation bee keepers and sell great queen "at lest that's my opinion" I talked to them the other day and was told that they should have more queens ready around May 1. I also am in need of 2 queens and will order soon. If I can bee of any more help please write back. Also if you can't find anyone who has queens right now let me know I have more phone numbers...... Best of luck Jim Kuh


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