I have 12 supers still left that were pulled late last year. I usually use them for building splits, but this year I haven't split or caught as many swarms as I thought. These supers have anywhere from 30 to 90% capped honey. Some uncapped. I had them sitting in a garage and I'm sure they absorbed moisture. Do not want to process.

My question is that I would like to feed this honey back to the hives and have them "refresh" the honey. I can probably just sit them in the yard but this will create a firestorm no doubt.

Is there an internal trick to placing them on a hive and getting them to move this into other boxes? I would like to empty these boxes as I would like to use this particular size super for something else.

I'm thinking extra empty hive boxes making a large seperation from the main hive and using excluders in some manner? Any comments on this would be appreciated. Thanks.