I have read several people's comment on wanting to catch a feral swarm. Based on thinking about this I post the follwing questions in the hope for some direction.
Is there merit/research on feral survivor swarms in the hopes to combat the v-mite problem?
How do tell the difference between true feral bees versus a swarm from some other beekeeper?
Why do we not hear of more genetic/feral bee survivor research within the industry? (Compared to chemical treatments and FGMO.)
This last question is based on my thought that I don't want to even think that fogging will be forever.
Is there anyone out there with success stories with Russians or was this overblown?

I read a story years ago about the destruction/death of the American Elm that had been wiped out with a uncontrolled desease. None could be found. Then 3 survivor trees were found that had a genetic resistance to the desease and now from those few survivors we can again purchase the elm tree that graced the streets of many towns years ago. I remember the story but may have the wrong tree. Its the story line thats important.