About 6-8 weeks ago I combined a small swarm with a productive queen with a very productive hive via newspaper and a queen excluder. The theory bee-ing that the strong hive would help build out foundation and help care for the queen and brood. about a month ago the swarm hive was doing very well so I pulled it off the other hive, slapped a super on it and started to feed it to build up winter stores.

Now the queen in the original hive has pretty much stopped laying. I thought it was just "a phase" she was going through but I opened the hive the other day and the only thing in there is some pollen, nectar and a few sealed brood that must be hatching as I write this. So the question is..

Was I wrong to combine the hives? I thought it was a good way to get more bees to wrok on the swarm hive?

And what can I expect this queen to do? Will she ever start laying again?