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    I am ready to begin medication and that means I have to take off my Ross Rounds super that never filled out all the way. Some rounds are drawn out and partially capped. Most are only halfway drawn. Should I put the thing in storage with my other supers till next season or should I put it back on after medicating and let the bees feed on it this winter?

    I read that it is very important to the market that the rounds are nearly perfect. They are so far from that right now that I wonder if I should just start over from scratch next year instead of resuming with this batch. Thanks-

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    Do you have some surplus liquid honey? Or some surplus in combs of some kind? You can uncap some honey and put it above the inner cover or you can feed some honey to the hive with the ross rounds to get them to fill them out. Bees move honey around quite quickly, you'd be surprised how quickly they can fill them in.

    As far as storing them, unless you can keep them in the freezer, you'll have to worry about granulation and wax moths.

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    Here's what I do. Save a few for bait sections next year and place in freezer. If you have liquid honey take those that have ripened honey (doesn't have to be capped 100%) and make chunk honey. Or crush up and strain the sections. If some are not fully ripened crush these up and feed back to the bees.


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