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    Sounds like "my little" hard working ladies are going to get another bad name. I think they should use fire ants instead!!!! The same idea could be used. Besides who like fireants?

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    Hi all, interesting topic.....I agree about the fire ant consideration. Bees suffer a bad rap that no beelover should play into..and I am thinking that the air duct would not work anyways. Wouldn't the bees stay with the queen(?) and I don't think she would fly through a bunch of ductways to an underground facility. How many bees would it take to scare real guards? What about flesh eating termites instead? Brain eating moles? serial killer shrews? Everyday people express their fear of bees to me.(Surely not that many people are really allergic to bees...ha.) We need to teach people about the reality of bees, bats and sharks-not cater to the ridiculous. Or am I missing the fact that this movie is a farce?

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