I have a colony that is very populated in two deep brood chambers. I have been reversing since late Feb. About two weeks ago I added a medium super of foundation. A week later they had drawn and began storing in about half of it. I rearranged the existing one and added another one. As of yesterday, they had drawn and were using all but two or three frames in supers above. I then added a deep super, (6-drawn 3-foundation. Our main nectar flow doesn't even start for another 2-3 weeks, and these bees seem very motivated. Ideal situation right?

I was only able to inspect 5 frames in the upper brood chamber before they had to be closed up. They were getting pretty defensive, and I don't like working with them when they are distressed like that. I noticed 3-4 shallow queen cups on the bottom of some frames. None had eggs or larvae. Does this indicate that they plan on swarming?

I have three other colonies that seem to be building up normally for this time of year.

I'm somewhat still a beginner and would like to know if I'm managing these bees properly. If not, what should I be doing to keep them from hanging in a tree.