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    I went into my hive for the second time. I still didn't find a queen. There was not any eggs, but there were uncapped queen cells, and capped brood. I checked for ropey with a small twig, and i don't think i have a problem. There was cells that looked full with a clear runny liquid. I have a queen excluder atop the brrod chamber, with a shallow super above that was heavy with honey. Today i removed the large super that was above the shallow, and replaced it with another shallow super. The hive has been in place for a month and nothing was drawn on the large super that i removed. QUESTION: Should i order a new queen, or let them raise there on.

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    If there is no open brood and all the queen cells are empty, then they cannot raise their own queen. Are you sure the queen cells are new or used? You can tell by looking inside the cell. It will look clean and pristine if its new and the edge of the cell will be chewed up a bit if its been used. They might have built the queen cell hoping for the best even though they didn't have a chance of raising a queen. I'd order a queen now, and hope you find a laying queen before it arrives. If you do find a laying queen make a split with the new queen. Either way you win.

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    Scot, you may not believe this.....

    But last year, during what I thought was a futile dive to save some bees....

    I put a chunk of capped brood on the bottom board of a hive body with some frames of honey and pollen. with bees of course.

    And how, I don't know, but they produced a queen from this.... No uncapped brood was there. Not alot of bees either.

    Is it possible the bees can create a queen from a capped brood? If not, then how did they get a queen?

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    There is almost always a cell somewhere in the middle of capped brood with an egg in it. That's all they need. One worker egg.


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