I posted a few weeks back about cold weather and that I lost one of my hives. Well the hive pulled through and so did the queen (starlines). Many of the bees did die and the brood was chilled. They are still cleaning out the dead brood and not flying very much. I am feeding them. I plan on buying some more bees to strengthen the hive and hope they will be OK.

My real problem is in the other hive (carniolans). I can't find the queen. She is not marked and I'm a newbie so I'm having a hard time with this. There are many drones and many drone cells (more than worker cells as best as I can tell). There are some worker cells but not very many. The brood pattern is very scattered. It's actually more like clusters here and there. The brood is uneven due to so many drone cells and very yellow in color. Should I get another queen for this hive? What if the queen is in there? Can the cold temps that we had cause the sperm cells in the queen to die even though the queen survived? I am wondering about this because the the starline hive also has very little activity with new brood. There are some uncapped larva though.

Any advice is appreciated.