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Thread: Bee Temeraments

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    I am wondering if there are certain times of the year that bees are more aggressive (mean) or docile?
    I know there are certain events that can cause bee crabbiness, such as drought, lots of rain or clouds, robbing, etc but are they more or less aggressive during certain seasons?
    I only got my bees in August, and then till winter they have been really great, with the exception of a robbing episode. (the kids only got one sting, but when you poke sticks into the entrance, what do you expect???!!!)

    thanks, Rick

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    I the winter when it's too cold to fly, they are usually nonresponsive. On a warm day in the winter, if the predators haven't been harrassing them they are usually friendly enough. The nicer the day, the more nectar, the less disruptions lately, the happier they are.

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    During the fall and winter when working my hives, they will become more aggresive than when in the middle of a spring flow. When you think about it.....if the bees have nothing to do and most are in the hive, then they will have nothing better to do than sting you. lol

    I have realy seen a difference in the way they are through the seasons.


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    over caste days, grey, rainy, end of a flow. Also if another animail is harrassing them


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