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    Hi, In one of my hives, the comb touches the adjacent frame. It may have been drawn like this before I put it in it's new hive body with the remainder of the frames (was acquired with nuc). Should I leave it where it is until the brood hatches? Remove it? There is no bee space, even with only 9 frames in hive.


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    Where it protrudes is it all honey on that side? Just honey protruding? If it's all honey I put the fat side to the outside with the frame on the outside. If it's got brood on the protruding side, and only the honey sticks out I would cut off the excess comb where it sticks out. If it's just so crooked that there is actuall BROOD sticking out that far, I'd still put it on the outside so after the brood emerges I could cull the comb and put new foudndation in.

    If the comb is touching the comb next to it with the caps of brood comb then the bees will not be able to emerge. If the honey that protrudes is touching the cappings of brood comb on the other side, it will not be able to emerge. It's best to get it within the bounds of a normal frame if you can.


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