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    I have four hives each with two deeps as brood chambers. These hives are two years old and have done well. But I find the weight of the deeps a problem and wish I had started with all medium brood chambers. Can I get some advice about how to go about converting from deeps to mediums? I'm not really interested in having more hives.

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    Put the mediums on top and wait for them to move up. By next spring they probably will.

    You could speed it along by pulling all the honey out (when it's warm there), putting a medium on top and then an excluder and moving the deep with the honey above an excluder. When they have some other stores you can extract the honey and cut down the frames and the box. Meanwhile the other deep box will be on the bottom and eventually (probably next spring) they will move up into the medium and you can steal the deep. Another thing you could do, is work medium frames into the deep box until all the deeps are gone. Move emerging brood to the outside and pull when they are empty. After you have all the deeps out, you can cut the comb off of the bottom of the mediums (3") and put the frames in a medium. Again, you could wait until spring when the bees have moved up and then cut them off.

    If you're really in a hurry, you can cut all of the brood combs out of the deeps and tie them into medium frames. and put them in a medium box.

    I have done all of the above one time or another, it depends on how patient you feel.
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