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    I have decided to go with a top ventilated cover in lieu of the inner cover.

    I am also going with a top entrance and am wondering the following:

    1. Do you completely block off the lower entrance? (leaving SSB ventalation).

    2. Would the addition of a 2" angled landing board be advisable and have advantages?

    3. What would the optimum dimensions of the opening be?

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    I just use a piece of half inch plywood as an inner cover. I cut a 1" square notch out of it. I leave the lower entrance as is. If you want to close the botton entrance, I would probably use a shim at the top with the opening all the way across. I don't see a real need for a porch. The bees seem to hit the opening just fine.

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    The bees don't care about a landing board. I have all top entrances with no landing boards.

    I did conpletely close off the lower entrances. It has also worked fine especially in eliminating skunk and mice problems.

    The optimum opening varies, which is whey we have entrance reducers for the bottom entrances. Mine run the long way on a Langstroth hive (19 7/8" way) and are just shims holding up a migratory cover or an inner cover. I cut strips for entrance reducers in the winter and when the hives are not so active to cut down on robbing and heat loss. Over the winter they were about 3/8" by 4" on most of them.
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