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Thread: Rain/bees

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    We are having lots of rain-even some flooding here in NC. It has rained 37 days out of 45. Some days it's all day and some days it for several hours. My bees are hanging in there (well-- 6 out of 7 are doing well).

    How long does it take for the bees to recover? I have 2 hive bodies and 1 med. honey super full on top of 6 hive. And don't want to lose the honey but have noticed some comb cutting in two of the hives. Does there come a time when I should use sugar water?

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    Yes do it now!!!!

    Mix alot, about 30 gallons should do. Clean jars, work late, skip church tomorrow if you have to, just get ready......Why? Because the moment you do all that, it will be nice and the syrup will not be needed. Thats how it is. Don't fight it.

    At this time of the year, I would just hang on. Filling honey supers with sugar syrup gives you low quality crap. You could take off any extra honey supers if really necessary.


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