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    I am getting ready to pull my first super of comb honey. I bought Richard Taylors book which suggests freezing the comb for a day or two to kill any wax worms. My question is can I leave the comb honey in the freezer until I am ready to use it and if not and I take it out and it starts to granulate can I put it it a warm place for a day or two to get it to liquifey again? How do you store comb honey? Thanks for any imput.

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    I package it as soon as I can, then freeze it until I intend to use it. While frozen the honey won't crystalize, plus it kills any wax moth eggs.

    It is possible to decrystalize honey comb, but you must be very carefull. Too warm and the wax will sag or melt. It can take several days at lower temperatures.

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    Yeah, best place to store it, long term, is in a freezer. Second best place is a warm location with stable temperature. (That is, once it has gone through the initial freezer treatment.)

    Make sure you use the plastic bags, like Richard Taylor suggests, to prevent condensation when the comb honey is taken from the freezer. Also, give it plenty of time to come back to room temp. before opening the bags.


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