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    I thought about checking the hives today.
    The sun isn't out. We had a very light rain this morning. It is cloudly and overcast, but the bees are working the vegetables very hard this morning? I quess my question is that I have always been told to check hives on a sunny day. The bees are working.
    Should I check them on this cloudy day?

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    Well........... it depends on how badly you NEED to check your hive. Is there a timeline for some reason ?? Or are you just curious as most of us are ?? I have been painting hives and putting frames together since yesterday, thinking that I was going to get the chance to do some work with the bees today. Well...... it clouded up bigtime about an hopur ago and started raining a bit. But it is clearing up now.

    The point is, you CAN work bees any time you like, as long as you are willing to pay the price. :-> Cold temperatures would be an obvious time NOT to work them, as you would kill them in short order and if it was the right time, you would expose the brood to chill brood.

    So....... temperature included in the equation, work them if you HAVE to, but wait for better weather if you can.

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    They are always in a better mood on a sunny day, so if you don't have a real need I'd wait. But anytime they are happily working they are usually not too hard to handle. So if you have something you need to know, I'd go ahead and check it out.

    Anytime they are not out in large numbers, I leave them alone unless I'm raising queens and HAVE to do something today.


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