Ok, one of my hive swarmed the other day. I Was so sad but it was a sight to see. It sounded so loud.
anyways, i just looked in the hive and there are queen cells stil in there. Should i destroy them and requeen or leave them. The hive is russians form kellys.

Second question, i open my other hive of russians, same from kellys, and there are alot of drone cells and alot of drones. What would you do. Are they too gonna swarm. Should i kil off all the drone cells. I am building a super right now to hopfully stop them from swarming.

Last question. How do i stop the queen from laying in my honey supper without and excluder. i would like to not use them as i hear it can make the bees not go up in the honey super but she keeps getting in the top super. The hive is 2 fulls and one shallow. Any suggestions or do i have to use a excluder