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    How many frames in an eight frame medium super needs to be filled befor adding the second brood super? Also, why are the bees building comb above and below each frame instead of going on the next frame? Is this their nature? Was not able to identify the Queen with so many bees working but many capped cells and larva. Since these are new packages with a new beekeeper only three weeks there is much to learn.

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    I always figure it's better to put one super too many on than one too few. Having some extra room is not a problem on a booming hive. It IS a problem on a small struggling swarm trying to get started. Bees draw it when they feel like it. It's hard to say why or in what order they will do anything for sure. In a tree they build all of the comb (not drawing foudnation) and it is shaped like a cluster of bees which grows as the cluster grows. The sheets of foundation interfere somewhat with this but they still usually do something similar. So they have a lot drawn in the middle and a little on the ends.


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