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    In years past it seems that swarms were in cluster for hours if not days. This year over half of the swarms that I have tried to capture, have left the area within one hour of coming out of the hive.

    This past Sunday two hives in my backyard (The ones I let do thier own thing) swarmed simultaneously. They ended up clustering within 5 feet of each other 40 ft up a tree. Not being able to do much I just watched as both swarms within the hour (10 Minutes apart) flew off over the tree tops and disappeared.

    Maybe its coincidence. Maybe the crappy spring and compacted season. But these bees seem to be on a mission and sitting around waiting for me is not part of it. Two other beekeepers have mentioned the same thing. Now I'm thinking maybe there is something to it???

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    It is written in the the Apocryphal Book of Langstrothinations, by the great prophet Hymenoptera, that in the last days bee swarms will disperse quickly from high places. Our days are numbered.....

    My little swarm clustered for 3 days and the remnants hung around a couple more agter I boxed the others up.

    When I was helping my friend with his commercial hives back in '91, I used my 12 gauge shotgun to shoot down the branches and hived a big ole swarm that way. We put the box in the general vicinity where we thought they would fall, and most of the swarm plopped right in. The others joined up later. I got the idea from shooting down Mistletoe at Christmas.

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    Great idea. Will cause too much trouble in town though. I will remember it if I'm in the country.


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