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    Ok, this wannna bee beekeeper is also looking at equipment, specifically hives....

    New product- polystyrene hive....The advertising hype says that you all [beekeepers] like them better...I suspect that you all are a bit shy about them...

    So, those of you who have a couple of do they do with new swarm? Do they winter/summer better? What about propolus [spell]? Wear and tear? [I know you can not throw them about, as they are made like your cheap ice keeper]...

    Whatcha say to these thingy?

    What advantages do wood have over the polystyrene?

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    Kevin S. Lunsford Guest


    Wood, wood,wood!!!!!!!
    The others are glorified coolers from 7-11.
    I was at the Dadant branch in Va. when a man brought back 10 deep "coolers" because two of his new packages refused to stay in them-they would cluster on the stand. What wood you use depends on money. I have cedar supers that have been in use since 1983 (but do not hold paint very well). The standard is pine and will last many years-just try not to pry the corners too much.

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    I'd have to whole heartly concur with Kevin!
    I had a couple of swarms given to me this year that where shook down into some of
    the stryo stuff. When I placed them, the bees all came out and clustered on the front. I left them like that over night thinking that as it cooled off they'd go inside. Next morning they were still hanging out! I replaced the stryo with a wooden set up and they marched right in.


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