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    well the test results came back from that one very poor hive that was given to me, positive for AFB, per state apiarist its treatable with Terrimycin

    i dont think the inspector wrote all the info correctly or didnt understand me...
    they wrote in the report that the sample that i sent them was from my stored equipment, but it wasnt
    also i wanted to know what to do with the healthy hives that robbed them out, but nothing was mentioned that i even had a consern about that, so now i'll need to call them to find out
    the bad thing is is that we're right in the middle of the goldenrod flow and i really would like to wait till it was over before treating the infected hives

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    You have to do whatever they direct you to do by law, but if they will let you, I'd pull the infected frames and burn them and not treat unless you get some elsewhere. Treating just masks the disease and it will pop back up again later unless you treat constantly.

    But then I've never had to deal with AFB. That's just what I would do if I were allowed to.

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    As to the report, it matters little as to where the sample was taken. Within the prescribed amount of time, you have options that you the beekeeper can make, as your judgement dictates. After corrective action is taken, a follow-up inspection is required (completed most of the time), and at that time the entire apiary is inspected.

    Do I understand you correctly that the sample was sent, and no actual visit by the inspector was performed? Under the circumstances of purchased equipment, and never being inspected before, (which reqiures GPS, and other data collection) I am amazed that no on-site visit was achieved.


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