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Thread: New bees

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    How do you keep new bees from flying away from a hive?

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    I'm not quite sure what you're asking. Do you mean how do you keep a new introduced package of bees from flying away?

    Once a swarm, package, or split of bees have been placed into a hive they will most likely stay. I have only had problems with bees flying away when I didn't get the queen when I got the swarm. Sometimes when a hive of bees in a house or tree have been removed they may leave. I've found if you put some brood from another hive in with them they will stay.


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    If you are talking about a package they occasionly abscond but not often enough that I worry about it. If you are talking about a hive, they rarely abscond, especially if there is any brood in the hive. If you are worried about it or think the situation might encourage them to abscond, put a queen excluder on the bottom board and make sure there is no upper entrance and the queen can't leave. They will not leave without her.

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