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    I'm in Iowa, with temperatures currently in the single digits, when should I think about moving a hive of bees to a new location. Did I mention I'm new at this so "specifics" would be appreciated.

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    You may get a variety of answers to this, but this is my opinion.

    I don't move a hive unless the bees are flying pretty well. This means it's at least 60 to 70 degrees. Why, you ask? Because moving them when it is cold, the bees can get knocked off the cluster onto the bottom board and they are lethargic. Now you have a pile of lethargic bees on the bottom who can't climb back up to the main cluster. Some will sufficate and some will die from the cold.

    Personally, I'd just wait for spring, but you may get some warm enough days.

    The other thing I worry is you move them on a warm day in the winter and then after a cold snap they fly out and can't find their way home right away because the hive has moved. When the weather is warm they just circle until they find the scent of it again. When it's borderline cold, they may not last long enough to find it and end up freezing.


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