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    Hi all
    coming up on 3 weeks with the new hive. when would it be all Right to remove the plastic sheet to allow for ventilation?
    also when should I start thinking about add another brood box I started them on 5 fully drawn frames 3 partials and 2 foundation, and when I do should I put in all 10 Frames of foundation? only messed with once to make sure the Queen was laying. they have taken almost 2 gallon of 1:1 and are trucking in the pollen.

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    I would remove the plastic from bottom when night time temps wont go below 45-50. and add second brood chamber when first is completly drawn or nearly so, may need to rotate frames around to get them all drawn. unless you are way up in the mountains you should be into your spring flow soon if not already. You want your bees to pack away their winter stores before you try to get surplus I aim for 100 plus lbs capped but you may want a little less in your zone. That means I want the 2nd deep chuck full and nice amount around brood area of first deep I usualy also leave a partial shallow on top for good measure anything more is extracted and I get to eat some.

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    I leave the bottom on until the bees start bearding from the heat and then I open them up. But that's just me. A hive starting off has trouble getting enough bees to keep all the brood warm. A hive that is getting too hot has bees clustered outside, even sometimes in the day.

    I wait until the weather is hot or the hive is very strong.


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