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    So, I'm having swarming craziness at my house this week! I've just hived my second swarm in 7 days. I read in one of my books that it would make the new hive happy to have one frame of brood from an old hive. So, I took the top box off of the old one (the hive that the bees swarmed from), and LO AND BEHOLD, I saw my first queen cells. The unfortunate part is that they were built in the space right between the two boxes (instead of within a frame), so I'm concerned that I may have smashed one or two queen cells (there were about 6 total) in the whole process. Have I completely ruined everything, do you suppose?

    This is my first full summer with bees, and it's a pretty steep learning curve so far! TIA -Syd

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    You only need one good cell

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    More than likely there are other cells and, as mentioned, you only need one good one. The trick to checking is just tip the box back and look on the bottom so you don't have to pull the frames out. Sometimes they are attached to the frame below and they break no matter what you do, but usually this will reveal swarm cells without breaking them. Also, if you pull an outside frame and spread the frames apart more you shouldn't hit them on the way up.


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