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Thread: Mad Bee

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    What would be a good shrub to plant in front of my hive in New England? I have a small yard and the kids will be out there. I don't want something too thick but I don't want the bees getting too agressive with the kids in the yard.

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    jfischer Guest


    > Maybe Jim Fischer will let me advertise
    > on his web site.

    Not only yes, but >>> HECK, YES <<< !!!!

    We'd love to have you do a write-up on
    your "services" as the "bee whisperer".
    If you don't speak HMTL, not to worry,
    I'll have a henchman or lackey webbify
    your stuff.


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    >We'd love to have you do a write-up on
    your "services" as the "bee whisperer".

    I love that name. And I was just going to be a bee psycologist. Or a bee phycic. But I could be a "bee whisperer". "the man who talks to bees". I love it. I just have to master talking bee, now.

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    jfischer Guest


    Well, if I am the "Jedi-Master Beekeeper",
    you certainly can be the "Bee Whisperer".

    Actually, "bee whispering" just might
    calm bees down. I'd guess it would
    depend more on how much garlic was
    on the garlic bread in your lunch
    than anything else, but if you blow
    very softly on bees on a frame, they
    do tend to calmly move aside...

    Almost sunup, so I gotta go play
    with my 1:1 scale Tonka Toys and
    clear the driveway of stacked-up
    bee stuff before church so the after-
    church crowd has somewhere to
    park for the traditional Sunday
    brunch and gabfest.

    That's right, I'm suffering from
    "super stupor" this morning.

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    >I just have to master talking bee, now.

    Maybe you could start by dancing in front of the hives. (:^)

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