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    To all out there, and more specifically commercial beekeepers here in Florida and those that bring their hives to winter here. I am trying to get myself started and have hungrily read everything I could get my hands on (btw - thanks to everyone that posts here, your comments can be gold to those lurking). Alas, I seem to have run out of literature in backlog and everyone I've talked to tells me to look for work with a commercial beekeeper. To make a long story just a little longer, I'm looking for someone to study under and get some hands on experience.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, and offers can be e-mailed to me.

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    There are many hobbiest beekeepers that will talk your ear off and teach you everything both good and bad. County and State Assoc. would be the place to make contacts.
    Good luck in finding a commercial operation who would take the time to take you under wing if they know you'll be competition another day. You could always take a job in the beeyaard but this means long hot hours at minimal pay most of the time.
    I would personally get the experience on a local level as a hobbiest and either buy someone out, or build your business as resources/finances/experience allows you to grow.
    I personally think that the "bee" portion is the easiest, its the business management side of busines that people fail at. For instance, can you identify your market? Can you capture and break into the market? You can keep alot of bees but you have to have the places to put them for profit.

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    wish you were here in georgia sure could use some able help I am a queen breeder and would love to teach a younger person the lost art of beekeeping most younger don't want to put it there learning time under someone now days=good luck on your venture


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