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    Oooohhhhhhkkkkaaaaayyyyyyyyy .......

    I guess if you think about its probably best not to think about where honey comes from, because the bees are, pretty much, insects, and well, where do they store the stuff on the journey home?

    If there are laws about food preparation for resale, and you want to sell your honey, then I guess you'd better follow those laws.

    On the other hand, if you know anything about microbiology and have watched anybody prepare food in a restaurant, well, lets just say its amazing any of us are still alive. Think about where money has been!

    I liked the idea about the nylon stocking. I'd probably wash it first, and after, though. If I was preparing honey for resale, well, maybe that would be different.

    And, following Daisy's suggestion, I watched my bees last night. They do not wipe their feet, but I think I know why - they got so many of them!

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    He he Chellesbees. I'd hope you'd wash your stockings. LOL

    It's a joke really.....

    Here, if you want to make edible products for sale, like baked items, You Have to have a separate kitchen to prepare them in.

    A honey house might/probably fall under that same criteria, I would think.

    I would really like to know what the rules are in Kansas. If I can qualify for a grant, I'm going to build in to my application to have a honey house built.

    I'm not into microbes but I did take a nursing course and the instructor was extremely focused on teaching us about nosocomial infections and the importance for washing our hands.

    We are told in literature to wash our hands before we work inside our hives. Well, how many beekeepers do you know do this? ;^)
    Oh well, they can't hardly document statements to the opposite.

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