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    BeeScared Guest


    Since everybody is calling me BeeBrave I was thinking of changing my name to BeeBrave but I do not know how. Does any body know?Ive already tried changing my profiles but you can’t change your name in that.

    I’ve now read 5 books on bees and beekeeping and there is a picture in one of the books showing a drone on a flower....And this morning I showed the picture to my mom, but drones don’t collect necter. was it just some incorrect picture? Also do Drones pollinate?

    >Seeing that there was nothing between me and this ability but my fear, >I was motivated to take more chances. A few days later I had to add a >super and didn't dress up.

    Maybe I should try that the next time I see my uncle, but it will take some courage.

    >BTW, you look great in your beesuit - like a real pro!

    Are you sure I look like a pro?
    It looks a little funny to me.

    By the way uncle Barry I want to start reading books on honey bees....when would be a good time to see you?
    The next time I come over, could we open the hives again......I want to see the queen if at all possible!

    BeeScared AkA BeeBrave

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    mmundy Guest


    This is one of the best posts I've ever read. Thanks to the young guy for getting it started! I too am a BSA leader and I'm pleased anytime I get to read good prose from a teenager. Like the other guy, I think the BSA could always benefit from a fellow scout with this kind of attitude.

    This is my 2nd year and I love bee keeping. Visit my homepage and see the pictures I shot the other night. They make great wallpaper. I really think beekeeping has helped me face fear in life. I call it "EXTREME RANCHING." I probably won't be doing any bungee jumping soon, (or ever) but I think this is way better. It is not only a thrilling hobby but also a very fulfilling one. When I learned that most wild bees cannot survive in nature because of the mites and diseases, I felt a sensation that I was actually giving the Lord some help for a change by managing and protecting my colonies. I hope every beekeeper can arrive at a similar conclusion about their stewardship toward their bees.

    Michael Mundy

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    BeeScared Guest


    I have already been to your site mmundy.Those pictures are really amazing.I told my mom I wanted them downloaded.I also have read the article about the truck that crashed and let loose about 300,000 bees. and broke about 520 hives! That was pretty amazing!
    Extreme Ranching.Nice name.I like it.When I get some Hives I will strive to show good stewardship twords bees. What kind of mites and diseases would, let alone could, infest or “get on” a bee.

    BeeScared AKA BeeBrave

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    Now thats what i call over coming you fears

    Like you i was stung as a child and i would get scared when a moth would fly past.

    A mate of mine used to pick bees off flowers by the wings and hold them up ( crule i know but the bees used to fly back on the flower and collect nectar)

    he insisted i try it and so my fascination with bees began. ohh and my fear of bes was gone too.

    BeeBrave could you now spaek to my girlfriend who gets scared when she sees a blowfly go past.

    Good on you keep it up

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