I just went down to my friends farm to pick up some hive boxes. I brought back 9-shallow boxes with frames, and that many full size boxes. some of the shallow frames had just the piano wire, and some had the foundations that had a mouse hole in it. The large frames had some old brood, it was uncaped. There was 6-metal queen excluders, with wooden frames. the aluminum covered tops, and all the boxes were in great shape. Some boxes had new paint and were never used. I think it is a telescoping top, 1/2 inch plywood, with a hand hole in the middle? There were several of theses. Their is probaly that many more hive boxes that I couldn't bring because I was out of room. I have a full 8-foot bed on my 3/4 ton chevy, and it was full of bee equiptment. If I don't take it, he will burn it. I know I will never use all that stuff, but someone might need it. I talked to Mrs. Lamoine with Golden Bee Co. in Metarie, La. tonight. I mailed her a check last Monday a week ago. She said they were just swamped, but she would try to get it out tomorrow, or Friday. I can't wait to go get the bees with my new suit. then maybee I can start bee keeping. What do you think I need to do with all these hive foundations. Can I use the foundations with brood wax on them, are should I just order new foundations?