I just cut a few boards to make deeps and nucs and realized at the end that I had cut them 1/8" too sort.
Before glueing them or throwing them away, could someone tell me how terrible 1/8" short er sides along the long side is, aside from making the frames sit a lot tighter in there. I mean, do the bees really care that much? Also, consider that I am in the process of regressing my bees to 4.9mm cells.

On another "dimensional conundrum", here is another question: in the plans published for a 5-frame nuc in http://www.beesource.com/plans/nuc.htm
the outside width of the nuc box is indicated as 8.5" while the inside dimensions are indicated to be 7.75" (width). This just does not add up since the boards are 3/4", so 8.5 - 2 times 3/4" is exactly 7" in my books, not 7.75".
Can someone who has build 5-frame nucs tell me which dimension is the correct ones?
With a 8.5" external width (thus 7" internal width), 5 frames sit inside the nuc box OK, but with only about 1/16" clearence on each side after packing them tickt in there. I guess a bee would have a hard time squizzing in between the walls of the nuc and the external face of the outermost 2 frames, but may make it.

I hope the explanation of the size problems is clear. Thanks