I checked on my six hives last week when we had 70 degree weather. One of the hives was in serious danger (only 3 frames of bees/ saw the queen and brood) This was my observation hive that I added extra bees and brood to in the fall. It had alot of beetles as well in the fall.

I decided to try to keep them alive by putting them back into the four frame observation hive and keeping them inside. You can open and close the opening in this observation hive. Since we have such a mild winter in SC, I only need to keep them alive a couple of months.

So here are my questions...

How often do I need to put them outside so they can they releive themselves and prevent Nosema?

At what temperature can three frames of bees be outside without chilling the brood? We have plenty of days in the mid 50's...is that warm enough?

I know it seems like alot of trouble for one hive, but it's a learning project.