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Thread: just my luck

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    clayton, done the old fashion shake down as talked about. one problem the bees made natural come on inner cover 7or8 frames so far. i put the surger on top the frames inside the super ,thinking they wuold go down. well as you guessed they did now that the super is almost filled , will the bees draw out the brood below or do i start over,should i go up an add entry holes ,your advice is. answer as soon as possible please,thank you raybo 1331

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    Sounds like a mess. I understand what is wrong. The inner cover should be on top of the first box not the top box. Let me explain again then I will tell you how to fix this.

    Start with:

    1. bottom board
    2. queen excluder (includer make sure you do this as they could abscond leaving you with no bees) with foundation
    4. inner cover
    5. feeder jar on top of inner cover over the hole
    6. second box
    7.outer cover


    use division board feeder eliminating the second box

    to fix the mess get a hive tool handy and carefully remove each comb. Smoke would be good to use here. As you remove them shake all the bees off into the first box, use a bee brush too if need be. Do you have a fume board you could drive them down with that too. Try to find the queen if possible and put her in the box to ensure her saftey. Once all the bees are shaken into the box you ask: what do I do with the brood in the combs? Cut them into frames tie and mount them. Give to another colony (do you have another colony?). Let me know if you have more questions.



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