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    Hello all! I decided to make a trip to see my bee hive and to check it out.

    It is a pretty day so I decided to go for it. I checked every frame on the second deep and found lots of cool things happening. First, I saw a lot of honey. Almost every frame but 2 were full of honey. Than I saw some brood in two frames, saw the queen that is marked with a little green dot (thank you michael!). I also saw larvea and pollen too. I didnt go into the bottom box yet. I might save that for next time.

    I am still not sure about reversing or even splitting. I would say that the population of the hive was moderate considering what the time of year. There was some brood but not that much per say.

    So, I think I might split the hive instead of revering.

    anyway.... the inspection went great. I saw a lot more then I expected.
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    Cool! It's exciting to find the queen isn't it?
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