I am a new beekeeper this year and just got through constructing all the hives and honey supers.

As a disclaimer, I have read a lot and done a couple of different searches on this bulletin board and others.

One thing that there seems to be some disagreement on is whether or not to paint the inside of the hives. The Langstroth Beehive diagram on BeeSource has a statement that indicates all parts of the beehive should be painted (outside, inside, and edges). Most of the advice I have seen on this bulletin board seems to indicate that everyone thinks this is a bad idea. I even saw one posting claiming that it could be harmful to the bees to paint the inside of the hives. And of course, there are also people who dip their hive bodies in various liquids (wax and wood preservative are the ones that I have seen).

Does the woodware last longer if you paint all surfaces?

Do the bees find it objectionable to live in a painted hive?

What do you personally do and why?

I have already built and deployed my hives for this year - therefore this is more out of curiousity than anything else. If you are interested, I decided to paint only the outside surfaces and the edges of the hives.

Thanks for the information and advice.