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    Hi folks,
    I am brand new and have just purchased a hive of Italians. The man who sold them to me has kindly agreed to coach me. He says the hive has not been requeened in two years, and we need to requeen this spring. I have surfed all over the web comparing characteristics of the different races, and believe I want the Karnica or New World strain of carniolan. I just don't know how well they will do in our climate or where to purchase a couple of queens. We have long summers 95% humidity and at times temps. exceed 100F.

    Thanks for your comments,

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    I ordered my NWC queens from Strachan Apairy in Ca. they'll send it to you via Priority mail, the queens will arrive just fine. I'm in North Middle Tennessee and they did fine last summer. Good enough for me to order another one this spring with an arrival date of 3/17/03. You may either call them at 1-800-368-3881 for your order or go to the web site at

    Good Luck



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