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Thread: Is it Robbing?

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    Okay, I have read several post here and looked in my books to see if what I am seeing is robbing and I am just not sure.

    I do know I have one weaker, one stronger hive. Both were started from packages about 10 days ago. The weaker had to be shaken back to the bottom box 7 days ago when they decided to move into the feeder.

    Today I go out and there is a good many more bees going back and forth in front of the weaker hive. I watched for fighting at the entrance and didn't really see it. About 1/3 of the bees going in had pollen in their baskets. Occasionally I saw a bee being carried out of the hive by a worker who flew into the air before releasing the bee. Both hives still have the smallest entrance reducer on about 1".

    I tried a couple of suggestions on this board to prevent/stop robbing. A small amount of Vick's rub in front of the entrance. I also opened up the stronger hive, removed the top and inner covers. This seemed to help, but not stop all of what was going on.

    I have carniolan queens. I know carniolans are suppose to not be as bad as other races about robbing. However, the packages looked to be of mixed origin. I don't know if this will have anything to do with it.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Usually packages are shaken from a bunch of different hives and then a queen, unknow to any of the bees, is added. So I'm sure you're right that the bees look like they are mixed origin. Give it 6 weeks for all of these bees to have died off and the new ones will all be from your carniolian queen.

    Mine look the same way. I just added reducers today, but the openings are about 4 inches. There is now alot fewer bees flying around and I'm seeing pollen going into the hive. Some bees climb up the hive before taking off and I guess these are the robbing ones. But there don't seem to be that many. I'm not sure if I should do anything about it. They bees are pretty calm. I refilled the feeders without any problems.

    Funny thing is, I have an open feeder that has been out for two days, and I've only seen one bee at it. Weird. Maybe I should add some flavoring to give it a smell.


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    I use the inverted bucket feeding method and it works great.
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