I'm new at this. I built a hive from scratch - complete with tongue-and-groove top and bottom (using some of the plans I found on this site). I painted it, put in the frames (with foundation), and feeder - everything but a Welcome mat. I caught a swarm 4 days ago (a cluster about the size of a football hanging on a branch), put them inside, brought them home, took out the wedge sealing the door (so they wouldn't escape on the trip home)and replaced it with the feeder and a short wedge to leave about 1 1/2" opening. Once they were set I peeked inside - thousands of bees were happily crawling around. For the next couple days I watched them buzz in and out. Then yesterday I didn't see much action, so I put my ear to the box. I didn't hear any humming, so I peeked inside again. To my surprise there were only about a dozen bees. They had drawn a little bit of comb, but the place looked like a ghost town.

Did I do something wrong? Is there something special that can be done to make them stay. Should I make them stay inside the hive for a few days (put screen over the opening or something)? I thought I did everything short of mints on their pillows.