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    I went to get this ferel hive that was in a 3-1/2 foot high, particle board speaker box. one side of the box was 3/4-open, the particle board was just melting, and leaning badley. The comb was started from the bottom, and built upwards. The top of the comb was wedge shaped. Once, (past tence), being in the building bussiness i luckely had a roll of 4-foot wide black vinyl screen. I took a hand stapeler, and stapeled to a good side, and just wraped them up, after smoking them good. that's one thing i learned this summer, always use smoke, to do anything with ferel bees. I just bare hugged the speaker box, and lugged it into the back of the truck. i took them to there new home, and put them on the hive stand. that is where there new hive box will be located, put a couple of green branches on them, and said goodnight. it was almost dark. I would have thought they would have built the comb from the top down, instead of from the bottom up. the cells were even pointing upwards. that box was in no shape to have blown over on it's oppisite end. Maybe sunday, i will go back, and hive them in new brood boxes, and give them syrup.

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    I've seen comb like that. Fat at the bottom and skinny at the top. Sometimes it's not even connected at the top.

    I don't know why they decide to do that.


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