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    How good a source is the small white clover you see in yards in terms of mow it and it blooms again the next it any good for necter? Pollen?


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    dtwilliamson Guest


    Typically that is White Dutch clover. Bees like it! I don't know if they like it better than other white clovers but they seem to love it in my yard! I am certain that they get nectar from it but I don't know how much pollen!

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    My bees work it, but it has low priority on the nectar-o-meter. Too many other good things out there that come first.

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    It depends on ho wmuch there is around. The bees tend to like to stick to a single source of honey. I dont think its a preference, but the mechanics of how bees recruit more bees for forage. Basically the better the crop, the more bees will return to it, each bees recruiting more bees. If the crop is expansive, then eventually the whole hive will be working it because they are constantly being recruited over and over again for the same crop. When it starts to ween, or there is a better crop elsewhere, the bees recruited will switch to the better crop and increase again in the same way for the new crop. Its not so much a "choice" other than it is a method of selection by circumstance. There are otehr factors of course...what makes one crop better than another is more than simply quantity, but quantity along with sweetness and distance are the three largest factors in crop popularity with a hive.

    I have been spreading white clover seed all over my neighboorhood. Hopefully next year will have a nice clover crop for after the citrus blossom crop.

    Scot Mc Pherson
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    The up side of clover is it blooms over a long period and IF the bees need some nectar there's a good chance of some from that source. The down side is drought seems to burn it up quickly.

    I plant it all the time too.

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    Is it necessary to mow it to keep it blooming?


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    jfischer Guest


    > Is it necessary to mow it to keep it blooming?

    Mowing will result in a rebloom, but only
    with some rain or irrigation. One wants
    to mow after the white "strands" are
    slightly brown and pointing downward at
    the edges of the flower. These blossoms
    will help to seed additional plants.


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