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    Was thinking about using an observation hive next year and was wondering if anyone could give me some input on this? Specifically the Dadant hive but their website doesn't go into great detail of what there is to it.

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    If you do a search on observation hive you'll find several discussions on here. Briefly here are my thoughts on what observation hive to buy:

    First, I'd would buy a hive that hold the size frame you use for brood and only that size. In other words if you have deeps for brood then get an observation hive that is all deeps. If you use mediums for brood get a hive that is all mediums. This is because you will constanly be taking frames of brood out of the observation hive when it gets too crowded and you have to put them somewhere. Where are you going to put a shallow frame of brood?

    I have a hive from Drapers (here in Nebraska). It is probably my favorite, but it doesn't have proper bee space and the bees build a lot of burr. What it has is a swivel base that is very convenient for watching them and it has glass which is very easy to clean. I redid it to make it all mediums with a homemade frame feeder at the top to take up the excess space. It was two deeps and two shallows when I bought it.

    I have a Brushy Mt Von Frisch hive. It has the correct bee space to the plexiglass. I whish it was glass. It can't swivel. It has a nice feeder. I like everything else about it.


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