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    I guess this woudl be for kansas beekeepers....I was just wondering when the main flow is in Kansas....and when to harvst the honey.......I have my bees on red clover, alfalfa and soybeans

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    The flow is just begining. I saw mu first yellow clover last weekend. Typically the flow begins after the fruit trees finish blooming and the wildflowers begin. The major flow here will run through the white clover bloom, but you will have minor flows through the summer also with the alfalfa, soybeans, and even cotton.

    Last year we had a tremendious fall flow. It did not frost until after Thanksgiving and hard freze until December, we can usually see 100+ temps in early September and frost by the end of September. The Aster and goldenrod flow lasted an extra five weeks last fall. My hives still smell of goldenrod, phew.

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    It's been on the cold side here. But looks like temps are coming up this week.

    Waiting for warm temps to get inside the hives.

    Add supers..etc.

    Hi Bill.


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