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    I've got two questions for you. I've put together some of my dadant frames and the tops of the top bars are about 1/4" below the box edges. My rabbets are 5/8" deep without metal frame rests. Should I get metal frame rests to make the top bars flush with the box edges? I've seen in books that some frame rests have a little lip sticking up and I imagine that using this frame rest would make the top bars flush with the top of the box.

    My other question is about slack space between the frames. My inner width is 14 3/4" according to your plans. With 10 new dadant
    frames (with only foundation) in the box and pushed together towards one side there is about 7/8" empty space between the last top bar and the side wall of the box. Is this how it is supposed to be?

    Lance Gillette

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    Lance -

    You do not want any rest that will raise the bar closer to the top. I use the metal L-shaped rabbets on all my hives. It makes it easier to clean and protects the wood from damage with the hive tool. The old style one that has the raised lip will make it impossible for you to clean the propolis off the rabbet. You will also end up with the top bars being very close to tthe top of the box which can create a problem with your inner cover bee space or migratory top.

    > Is this how it is supposed to be?

    Yep, it's okay. In the hive bodies, you want to keep the frames tight together and in the middle with the extra space split on either side. In the supers, I use 9 frames and space all frames equally across. When you go into the brood chambers to pull out some frames for inspection, pry all the frames tight to one side and this will give you that extra room on the other side to start pulling frames out without rolling bees and smashing comb. The last thing you want to do is squash the queen when pulling frames out.



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