This is my first year keeping bees and I now have 3 hives (started with 2, but then one swarmed and I caught it). I had planned that they would each have 1 deep box & 2 western boxes as brood chambers and then add shallow honey supers, but for some reason, they didn't follow the plan ! So, now I'm not clear what to do in terms of balancing them with enough brood & honey for the winter. Here is what I have:
Hive #1: 1 deep & 1 western with mostly brood
and 1 shallow 75% full of nectar.
Hive #2: 1 deep half full of brood
2 westerns full of capped honey!
and 1 shallow with nectar/honey
Hive #3: 1 deep with brood & 1 western with half brood, half capped honey.
Can I harvest any honey or should I just move it around?
Thanks, Louise